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Russian aircrafts escalate the airstrikes on Idleb city and its countryside

The Russian aircrafts launched on December, 26, 2023, several airstrikes with vacuum missiles targeting different areas in north-west Syria, however, no human casualties were reported.

Radio Fresh’s correspondent said: “The Russian warplanes targeted with vacuum missiles the forests (Alghabat) area west Idleb, near Batinta, and west Maaret Misrin city, and near Joesf village.”

The correspondent added that “The Assad regime forces targeted by missile launchers the surrounding of Kansafra village and Fleifel and Sufuhn villages in southern Idleb. No human casualties were reported.

The Russian warplanes committed on December, 25, 2023, a massacre, killing 5 civilians from the same family, a couple and their three children, a fourth child was also injured, who is the only survivor of the family, as a result of targeting them with vacuum missiles.

Idleb city has been continuously subjecting to artillery and missile shelling by Assad regime forces as well as the Russian airstrikes, causing civilian casualties and the displacement of families from their areas to areas on the Turkish border.   

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