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Biden: I ordered strikes against Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq to deter any threat in the future

US President Joe Biden said that he ordered the US forces to conduct military strikes on specific areas controlled by the Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq.

Biden added in a letter to the US Congress on December, 27, 2023, that militant groups affiliated to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia carried out several strikes against US forces in Syria and Iraq, injuring US personnel and soldiers.

Biden made it clear that the US operations aim to deter the Iranian attacks against the US personnel.

Biden stressed that they will continue to carry out retaliatory airstrikes against the military positions of the militias to deter any threat in the future.

“The Hill” newspaper issued a report previously, saying that the US President Joe Biden is facing significant pressure from the Republicans to hit back harder on Iranian proxies in the region after the attacks targeting US bases in Syria and Iraq.

The newspaper added that the ongoing attacks on US bases in Syria and Iraq, which began over two months and reached over 100 attacks, have sparked growing outrage in the US Congress.

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