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Israel drops leaflets over Quneitra warning Assad regime against launching missiles towards it

Israeli drones dropped leaflets in northern Quneitra countryside, warning Assad regime forces and holding them accountable for launching missiles from the Syrian territories towards the occupied Golan.

The leaflets stated: “To the commanders and soldiers of the Syrian army and military security, we consider you responsible for the terrorist acts coming from the Syrian territories toward our lands (Israel). Continued launching the terrorist operations from your lands will harm you. You bear the responsibility of reinforcing the forces in the region. We will continue to respond as long as the launching missiles continue towards Israel.”

The Israeli army announced on December, 30, 2023, carrying out airstrikes in Syria in retaliation for launching two missiles from the Golan area towards the Israel-controlled territories.

The Israeli army said in a statement: “Shortly after sirens went off in northern Israel, two missiles from Syria fell in an open area, and the Israeli army is striking the sources of shooting.”

The statement made it clear that “The Israeli army also shelled the infrastructure belonging to the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon and a site of missile launching on Lebanese territory, after launching a number of missiles across the border earlier on Friday.”

The attack comes two days after the Israeli army announced that it shot down an explosive drone coming from Syrian territory in the southern Golan, for the first time since tensions escalated on the border after the start of the war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip.

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