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The Syria National Coalition holds the international community responsible for Assad regime continuing to commit crimes in Syria

The head of Syrian National Coalition, Hadi Al-Bahra, said: “At the end of this year (2023), the Assad regime is sending clear messages that it is continuing its policy of killing and violence against civilians in Syria.”

Al-Bahra said on “X” platform: “The UN Security Council’s continued silence about Assad regime’s crimes leads to the continuation of daily casualties in Syria. We call on the international community and the Security Council to take effective and decisive measures to stop the aggression by the Assad regime and its allies, and to seek seriously to implement the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 (2015) fully and rigorously.”

For his part, the head of the Syrian Negotiation Committee, Badr Jamous, held the international community responsible for protecting civilians in the north-west Syria, from military operations continuously launched by Assad regime forces and Russia.

Jamous said on “X” platform: “It is not possible to let the Syrian people be prey to the Assad regime, killing them whenever it wants and depriving them of their most basic right, which is to live in safety.”

The Assad regime forces launched missiles on December, 30, 2023, targeting the center of Idleb city, killing two civilians and wounding others.

Similar shelling also targeted the towns of Afes, Sarmin, and Ma’rablit in Idleb countryside, and the city of Darat Ezza in western Aleppo countryside, however no casualties were reported.

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