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“The Washington Post” newspaper: International coalition forces have been subjected to 115 attacks since last October 17

The Washington Post newspaper confirmed that the international coalition forces have been subjected since October 17 to nearly 115 attacks in the Middle East.

The newspaper quoted US official as saying, “Most of these strikes were carried out either by drones, missiles, or both.”

The newspaper made it clear that Washington’s support for Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip, with increasing losses among Palestinian civilians, gave militia groups in Iraq and Syria a new incentive to try to expel the US-led coalition forces, according to the official.

The newspaper pointed out that “While the United States has targeted militias-linked sites in Iraq and Syria several times in recent months, the assassination of Hamas leader Mushtaq Talib al-Saidi and one of his assistances in such a central location in the Iraqi capital is extremely rare.”

The “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” announced in a statement that it targeted Al-Tanf and Green Village bases of the US forces in Syria, via drones, stressing that it is continuing to destroy enemy strongholds, in response to Israel’s massacres against our people in Gaza.

Since the start of the war between the Hamas movement and Israel in Gaza, the international coalition bases and the US bases in the Middle East have been subjecting to almost daily attacks and targeting until now.

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