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Assad regime forces continue to shell northern Syria

Radio Fresh’s correspondent said that Assad regime forces targeted early on Monday, January 8, 2024, with heavy artillery the axis of al-Tefahiya in northern Latakia countryside.

The correspondent added that the Turkish army shelled on January, 7, 2024, with rockets launchers the positions of Assad regime forces stationed at Saraqep city, east Idleb.

Three Russian war planes are flying now over Syria’s northwest regions, without carrying any airstrikes until this news was published.

Idleb city was subjected on January, 7, 2024, to shelling by explosive missiles and missiles loaded with incendiary submunitions, injuring 5 civilians, including a girl child.

The Syrian Civil Defence said in a Facebook post that its teams inspected civilian homes in Idleb and made sure there were no other injuries or fires due to the bombardment.

It is noteworthy that through the last few days, Assad regime escalated its artillery and missile shelling on the center of Idleb city and its countryside, causing many civilian casualties.

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