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Pentagon sends 1500 additional soldiers to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Media sources reported that “The U.S. Department of Defence (Pentagon) decided to send 1500 additional soldiers to Syria and Iraq under the name (Soldiers from New Jersey are joining the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq).”

The sources made it clear that “This operation is part of the military campaign to defeat ISIS.”

The sources pointed out that “There is only one reason for keeping the US troops in the region, which is to permanently eliminate ISIS, the United States is continuing to call on Iran proxies to halt these attacks.”

Pentagon announced last Friday, 12 January 2024, that the US troops and bases in Syria and Iraq have been subjected to 130 attacks since 17 October 2023, 53 of these attacks were in Iraq and 77 were in Syria.

It is noteworthy that Washington deploys 2500 soldiers in Iraq and 900 in Syria, in the framework of the Global Coalition to fight ISIS which was formed in 2014.

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