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Russian Foreign Ministry: Washington follows “economic suffocation” strategy against Bashar al-Assad

Russian Foreign Ministry claimed on Saturday, 27 January 2024, that the United States and its allies follow economic suffocation strategy against Bashar al-Assad and its regime.

Russian media outlets quoted Russian Foreign Ministry as saying: “The United Nations and its allies do not allow Assad regime to quickly and effectively begin to rebuild the country after many years of war, and they hinder the return of millions of Syrian refugees to their home.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that “The Westerners have not given up their plans to change Assad regime which they did not like in Syria.”

The Ministry pointed out that “Westerners’ attempts to forcibly change Assad regime have failed, so they have turned into economic suffocation tactics.”

The Ministry stressed that “Moscow takes advantage of every opportunity in the light of these circumstances to provide aid to Assad regime on a bilateral basis and in a multilateral format.”

According to the Ministry, “Moscow is making sustained efforts for a settlement in Syria on the basis of strict commitment to the principles of respect for this country’s sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity.”

The Assad regime attributes the reason for the deterioration and failure of the economy to Western sanctions, although the US Treasury Department published clarifications regarding the impact of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act in.

The US Treasury Department confirmed that it guarantees humanitarian aid access to Syrians in need, and that the law deals with U.S. and non-U.S. business owners and relief supporters alike.

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