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Pentagon: Our military bases have subjected to 165 attacks in Syria and Iraq

US Department of Defence (The Pentagon) confirmed that its military bases in Syria and Iraq have been subjected to 165 attacks since last October 17 until January 30, slightly injuring 80 US soldiers.

According to Deputy pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, the US military bases in Syria have subjected to 98 attacks, and 77 attacks in Iraq.

Singh said: “We know that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps-backed militias are responsible for the attacks on our troops in Iraq and Syria.”

Singh pointed out that the US holds Iran the entire responsibility for these attacks, including the attack which killed three US troops near the Jordanian-Syrian border.

Singh considered the attack as an “escalation”, but it does not mean expanding Gaza war, which is still confined within its geographical range.

For his part, The White House spokesman John Kirby commented on the attack by saying, a responsibility should be bore by the commanders in Tehran.

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