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Ford: The United States has not considered Syria a priority for 10 years

Former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, confirmed that Syria has no longer been a priority for the United States for 10 years.

Ford’s statement came during an interview with “Rudaw” network in which he said: “The United States does not want to spend money and send soldiers to Syria as the US officials are engaged with files such as, Ukraine, Gaza, and Taiwan, and this explains of not being interested in the Syrian file.”

Ford pointed out that Washington may withdraw its forces from Syria but that would not be soon, because it is preparing the Syrian Democratic Forces before its withdrawal, and this may need a year or two

Ford warned the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria against relying on the protection of the United States after the withdrawal of its forces, because American influence will become very small at that time.

Ford called on the Syrian Democratic Forces to make concessions in their negotiations with the Assad regime.

Ford considered it necessary for the Syrian Democratic Forces to begin negotiating with the Assad regime, before the American withdrawal, because their position would be weaker in the negotiations after the withdrawal.

Ford attributed Washington’s failure in the (Kurdish-Kurdish) dialogue to the Syrian forces’ oppressive treatment of others, in addition to the lack of trust between the Kurdish political parties.

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