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Fresh Israeli attack targets sites in Damascus countryside

The Israeli airstrikes carried out on Saturday midnight, 10 February 2024, airstrikes on military sites of Assad regime in the vicinity of Damascus city.

The Israeli airstrikes targeted sites between al-Assad villages and Dimas town in Damascus countryside, killing two people and injuring others due to a missile which fell near al-Assad villages, according to “Voice of the Capital” website.

The website said that the Iranian militias imposed a security cordon around the targeted farmer following the Israeli attack, and they also banned taking photos or approaching the site, except the ambulances.

Assad regime’s defense ministry stated that a number of sites and points in Damascus countryside were subjected early on Saturday to Israeli airstrikes from the occupied Jolan, and it did not state any additional details.

The Israeli airstrikes occurred after a few hours of targeting the military “Al-Maza” airport in Damascus countryside.

Last Friday, a number of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Advisors were killed due to Israeli attack targeting a temporary depot of weapons in the vicinity of “Akraba” military airport in Damascus.

Israel has been intensifying its attacks on military sites of Assad regime and Iranian militias, since its war on Gaza, focusing the shelling on the airports in Damascus and Aleppo, and other areas controlled by Iran.

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