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Syria Civil Defence warns of the rainfalls in north-west Syria as they exacerbate the suffering of IDPs

The Syrian Civil Defence warned on Sunday, 18 February 2024, of a depression and rainfalls in north-west Syria.

The Syrian Civil Defence said in a Facebook post: “It is expected that the rain cells will begin to deepen until the afternoon hours of Monday, February 19, and then begin to subside and take the form of light to moderate showers until the evening hours.

The Syrian Civil Defence said that the heavy precipitation could lead to torrents in many areas northern Syria.

The Syrian Civil Defence called on civilians to take security and safety measures against floods and fires, and to keep children and the elderly well warm. It also emphasized the need for drivers to check the technical condition of vehicles, anti-freeze, and the effectiveness of brakes, tires, windscreen wipers and lights, and for farmers to provide specialized means to avoid frost on crops.

It is noteworthy that 94% of the displaced people in north-west Syria are unable to secure heating materials for the current winter, while 74% of them did not obtain heating materials for this year.

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