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The Syrian Coalition: Suwayda demonstrations boost the Syrian file in the international community

The head of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) Hadi Albahra confirmed that the continued popular movement in Suwayda province enhances the Syrian file in the international community.

Albahra’s statement came during a meeting of the general assembly of the SOC in opposition-controlled areas in Aleppo countryside, northern Syrian, on 24 February 2024, Albahra praised the movement of Asuwayda and affirmed his support for the demonstrations through all the regions as they help to support the Syria file.

Albahra said: “The SCO is seeking to enhance its legitimacy and the authority of its executive institutions and interim government as well as providing valuable services for the citizens in northern Syria.”

Albahra pointed out to the importance of changing the Syrian reality by activating the political and diplomatic communications with the international community and parliaments in European countries.

According to Albahra, the SOC is considering the problems facing the refugees in Syria and working on halting Syrians’ repatriation from Lebanon to their country.

The vice president of the SOC, Abdul Majeed Barakat, accused Assad regime of manipulating the sanctions by replacing the convicted persons with others and holding the Syrian people the consequences of the sanctions and calling on the countries to lift them.

Peaceful demonstrations started in mid-August in Asuwayda province following Assad regime’s decision to slash gasoline subsidies, and the protests over economic conditions turned into protests calling for Assad regime’s downfall.

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