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Israel targets two Lebanese Hezbollah locations in Syria

The Israeli army said in a statement: “It targeted two locations of Lebanese Hezbollah militia inside the Syrian territories, after collecting intelligence data, which led to destroying them.”

The statement held “Assad regime accountable for all the activities inside the Syrian territories, confirming that it will not permit any attempts that could consolidate the existence of Hezbollah militia in Syria.”

The Israeli army announced on Tuesday, 12 March 2024, that it targeted more than 4500 locations of Hezbollah militia in Syria and Lebanon during the previous five months, killing 300 members and injuring 750 others.

The Israeli army confirmed that under the direction of Northern Command’s Fire Control Center and the Air Force, it attacked more than 1,200 targets from the air and more than 3,100 targets from the ground, all of these targets belong to the Hezbollah militia on Lebanese and Syrian territory.

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