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Jeffrey: Countries that normalized with the Assad regime are frustrated for not taking any step towards the political process

The former US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, affirmed that the countries that returned the Assad regime to the Arab League and normalized with it are frustrated for not taking any serious step by Damasus towards the political solution in Syria or retuning the refugees.

Jeffrey said that Washington urged the Arab countries not to normalize with the Assad regime and not to return it to the Arab League.

Jeffrey spoke that his country opposed carrying out a Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, while stressing the right of Ankara to target the terrorist organizations which threatens its security.

Jeffrey considered that it is wrong to withdraw the US troops from Syria recently amid rising tensions with Iran and the existence of ISIS.

Jeffrey believed that the former US president, Obama, administration made a mistake in dealing with the Syrian file and permitted Iran presence in Syria, unlike the former US president, Donald Trump, administration.

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