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US condemns Russia’s protection of Assad regime

US condemned Russia’s protection of Assad regime from accountability for its violations against the Syrian people and obstructing the political solution.

US’s condemnation came in a statement by the US embassy in Syria published on “X” platform on the occasion of the International Day for the Right to the Truth.

The US embassy said in the statement that Russia protects Assad regime from accountability for human rights violations by obstructing the work of the Constitutional Committee and the efforts of the UN.

The statement made it clear that Russia disseminates disinformation and propaganda to discredit the victims of atrocities in Syria and obstruct the efforts which aim to address the ongoing violations.

The statement pointed out that Russia refused to hold the 9th session of the Constitutional Committee in Switzerland which hosts these talks in Geneva as it is considered to be a non-neutral venue after it opposed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to the statement, the most recent was the vote against the establishment of the UN Independent Institution on Missing Persons in Syria, to help revealing the fate of more than 155,000 missing persons. It is noteworthy that last June, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to establish a new international institution to reveal the fate and whereabouts of missing persons in Syria and provide support to the victims and their families.

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