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UN launches a new mechanism in Syria to circumvent sanctions with Gulf money

The UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, Adam Abdelmoula, announced that “The organization will launch an early recovery program in Syria before the summer arrives to circumvent the sanctions imposed on the Assad regime with Gulf money.”

Abdelmoula said in statements to the pro-Assad regime newspaper Al-Watan: “Funding the projects of this program will be through the establishment of a special fund that will provide some non-traditional donors, such as the Gulf states, a safe and legitimate mechanism under an international umbrella to provide aid that they cannot provide now due to US and Western sanctions imposed on the Assad regime.”

Abdelmoula added: “The program will extend for 5 years and includes establishing projects in a number of sectors, including electricity.”

Abdelmoula stressed: “The funding tendency for the humanitarian response plan in Syria is declining, as it has declined to a significant level and reached less than 40% of the plan’s needs last year.”

Abdelmoula made it clear that 16.7 million people need some form of humanitarian assistance in Syria, pointing out that the United Nations is targeting more than ten million of them.”

Abdelmoula pointed out: “US decided to reduce its contributions to humanitarian aid in Syria by 50%, and Germany by 30%.”

UN announcement of this program comes in light of the deteriorating economic and living conditions that the Syrian people are suffering from, coinciding with the spread of poverty, scarcity of job opportunities, and the devaluation of the Syrian pound.

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