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EU: Our position towards Assad regime has not change and Brussels Conference is an opportunity for the Syrians

The EU’s regional spokesman, Luis Miguel Bueno, said in a press conference: “The EU has not changed its position towards Assad regime, until there is a real political process in line with the UNSCR 2254.”

Bueno added: “The European position has not changed concerning the arbitrary detained civilians, the disappeared and the missing people, justice for victims, and accountability for all the actors who are responsible for the international law violations in Syria, including the international humanitarian law and the international law for human rights.”

Bueno made it clear: “The above-mentioned issues are not only slogans as the EU has been working for years to move forwards in theses files through the available tools whether by diplomatic pressure or by acting at the EU level, or through the sanctions imposed on various individuals and entities.”

Bueno pointed out: “The international efforts at the recent time are not enough to make progress towards solution in Syria, The EU is still shedding light on the need to put the Syrian file on the international agenda when other crises have hit headlines.”

Bueno touched on the political situation in Syria and the preparations for 8th Brussels conference set to be held at the end of this month to support Syria and the region, with the participation of representatives of the EU, donor states, and the civil society organizations in order to find a peaceful and sustainable solution in Syria.

The 7th Brussels Conference was previously held in June last year, where the international community pledged to provide approximately € 9.6 billion for 2023 and beyond, including more than €3.8 billion pledged by the European Union and its member states, to help those in need inside Syria and in the neighboring countries that host Syrian refugees.

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