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Israel targets positions of Lebanese Hezbollah militias in Daraa countryside

The Israeli forces fired explosive missiles on Sunday, 5 May 2024, targeting three positions of Lebanese Hezbollah militias in western and southern Daraa countryside in Syria.

The Israeli attack came as a response to launching three missiles by Lebanese Hezbollah militias from the Syrian territories towards al-Jolan, according to SOHR.

The SOHR pointed out that Israel carried out the attack with at least four missiles falling down on positions in the vicinity of Tel Al-Jabeya, Tel Al-Jomou and Tel Ashtara in Daraa.

This attack is not the first one, since the eruption of Israel’s war on Gaza Strip, the Lebanese Hezbollah militias have carried out many attacks on Israeli military bases in al-Jolan.

The Lebanese militias had carried out attacks on Israel from the Syrian and Iraqi territories as Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted days ago a vital target in Golan and another one Eilat port in southern Palestine.

The militias which include al-Nujaba Factions, the Brigades of Hezbollah, Master of Martyrs (Sayyid al-Shuhada Brigades), al-Imam Ali, al-Awfiya (God’s Loyal Supporters) said in a statement that their fighters targeted a vital site in Golan via drones.

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