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Despite UNHCR’s objection.. Lebanon dismantles the Syrian refugee camps

The Lebanese authorities announced on Wednesday, May 22, their intention to dismantle the Syrian refugee camps in Koura district in north Lebanon, according to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

The previous announcement came after dismantling Al-Waha camp, which is considered the biggest Syrian camp, and evacuating a large complex for Syrians, where 1500 Syrian refugees were living in it.

The “Lebanese Forces” and “Free Patriotic” parties agreed on completing this “mission”, despite UNHCR’s objection, according to the newspaper.

Strong Lebanon bloc member, MP George Atallah, said that we are working on evacuating Al-Koura area from illegal presence whether they are Syrian nationalities or other ones.

Atallah pointed out that the next step is to hold a meeting at the end of current week with the aim of setting a schedule of next villages, and to finish this file.

Member of the “Strong Republic” bloc, MP Fadi Karam, considered that “Syrians in the camps have become an ammunition for gangs of all kinds.”

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