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Turkey: Focusing on the Syrian issue is an urgent need to address the root causes of the crisis

Turkey’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ahmed Yildiz, said: “The deadlock that the Syrian crisis has reached must be highlighted.”

Yildiz confirmed during a Security Council session that” the world crises should not distract us from the Syrian issue.”

Yildiz added that “refocusing on Syria is an urgent need to pave the way for conditions to address the root causes of the crisis.”

Yildiz signaled that “it is difficult to reach a sustainable political solution in Syria recently, pointing out that Assad regime should initiate an authentic national reconciliation.”

Yildiz expressed his concerns over the huge decline in humanitarian assistance at a time the number of people in need of humanitarian aid has reached a record of nearly 17 million.

Yildiz called on the Security Council to fulfill its commitments regarding the crisis in Syria and to scale up donor’s contributions in funding humanitarian organizations in the region.

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