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Lebanon: The education is heading towards a real crisis because there are 450000 Syrian students

The Director General of Higher Education in Lebanon, Mazen al-Khatib, confirmed that the education level is heading towards a real crisis as there are about 450000 Syrian students.

Al-Khatib pointed out during his speech against the Syrian students in Lebanon that his country could not afford teaching the Syrian refugees.

According to al-Khatib, the number of Syrian students, who pursue the education in Lebanon, is below the required level compared to the number of refugees estimated at 2600000 Syrian.

Al-Khatib added that the number of Syrian students at higher education level in Lebanon remains limited and does not surpass 2000-3000 students.

Al-Khatib expected that the first batch of Syrian students who have fully enrolled in the Lebanese educational system will arrive in Lebanese universities during the next year, noting the presence of a number of Syrian professors in several private universities.

Al-Khatib believed that the financial conditions in Lebanon led students to resort to lower-cost universities, and this also caused a shortage in some universities due to the absence of government funding.

Al-Khatib’s statements come at a time when the Lebanese authorities, along with the Assad regime and the Hezbollah militias, continue their practices against Syrian refugees, with the aim of restricting and pushing them to accept forced return to the Assad regime-held areas in Syria.

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