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OCHA: We have to find more sustainable solutions to face the heatwaves in northern Syria

The United Nation Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced “more than 1.8 million people in Syria are in urgent need for life-saving support to access to safe drinking water in the summer heat.”

OCHA said in a statement that “the more sustainable solution is a critical matter as people suffer a protracted crisis and face at the same time long-term expectations of deadly heatwaves linked to climate crisis, although Syria Cross-Border Humanitarian Fund is financing water delivery via trucks to the displaced camps in northern Syria.”

The humanitarian organizations are working on finding solutions to face heatwaves such as the thermally appropriate emergency housing, green roofs, cooling centers, and adjustments to school schedules.

The OCHA’s climate team spokeswoman, Zinta Zommers, said that “The predictive action, or acting before the disaster occurs, could help to reduce the impacts of heatwaves by helping people to take the necessary measures to prepare, such as improving shelters or access to water.”

OCHA made it clear that “It helps expand, disseminate and fund the scope of coordinated proactive action to confront disasters related to extreme weather, especially in fragile and conflict-affected countries.”

The various Syrian regions have witnessed since the beginning of last week a remarkable temperature rise with the beginning of the impact of a new heatwave of moderate intensity and short duration.

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