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Families from Deir Ezzor get ready to leave Al-Hol camp with tribal bails

Local media reported that the efforts are ongoing to empty Al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah countryside. A new list of names of dozens of families from Deir Ezzor are prepared to leave the camp in the upcoming weeks.

According to the local Nahr Media network, A list of names of dozens of families from Deir Ezzor, ranging from 85 to 90 families, has been prepared to leave the camp which is located in eastern Hasakah countryside.

The network made it clear that the families’ departure will be bailed by dignitaries of tribes from Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria.

170 Iraqi families, approximately 560 members, from Al-Hol camp in eastern Hasakah have already left to Iraq since the beginning of this month.

At the beginning of this month, Iraqi National Security Advisor Qasim Al-Araji called on countries around the world to repatriate their citizens from Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria, “in preparation for its closure.”

Al-Araji tweeted on “X” platform: “24 countries, out of 60, have begun to withdraw their nationals from families of ISIS members in Al-Hol camp.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Hol camp in al-Hasakah countryside, includes the largest number of women and children of foreign ISIS members, as its residents suffer from difficult humanitarian and security conditions, which have claimed the lives of dozens.

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