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US Congress enlists 3 additional terms regarding the support to Syria

The policy chief for the American Coalition for Syria (ACS), Mohammed Alaa Ghanem, announced via a tweet on “X” platform: “The Congress enlisted 3 additional articles in the State Department budget regarding the support to Syria.”

Ghanem said: “The first article ensures providing the Syrian Civil Defense (The White Helmets) an amount estimated US$ 15 million.”

Ghanem added: “The second article classifies the northwest Syria as a disaster area, deserving a special funding under the name restoring stability which includes, rehabilitation of schools and universities, paying teachers’ salaries, constructing roads, building bridges, repairing infrastructure, and others.”

Ghanem pointed out: “The third article stipulates prohibiting any funding provided by the American government in Syria to Bashar al-Assad and parties associated with him, even indirectly.”

It is noteworthy that northwestern Syria was deliberately deprived of this funding for many years, and the American government restricted this type of funding to the areas where its forces were located in northeastern Syria only, and was content with sending only relief aid to northwestern Syria despite the region’s need for it.

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