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EU: More than 1 million Syrians were granted European citizenship

The Head of the EU Delegation to Syria, Dan Stoenescu, confirmed that more than one million Syrian refugees have received European citizenship, which will naturally lead to boosting Syrian-European relations.

Stoenescu made it clear that former refugees have become an active part of European society, suggesting that ties between people will become stronger.

Stoenescu pointed out that according to international laws and the principle of non-refoulement, any potential return of Syrian refugees to Syria must be safe, voluntary, and dignified.

Stoenescu considered that some European Union countries’ decision to restore relations with the Assad regime stems from the “sovereign right” of those countries, noting that the presence of diplomats in Damascus does not mean the normalization of relations with the Assad regime.

Stoenescu clarified that the normalization of European relations with the Assad regime is linked to achieving real progress in the political process.

Stoenescu pointed out to the speech of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, that the European Union rejects normalization, reconstruction of Syria, or lifting sanctions, before the Assad regime seriously participates in a policy process consistent with Resolution 2254.

The German Federal Statistics Office previously announced that 75,000 Syrians will obtain German citizenship in 2023.

The Syrians came in first place in the number of naturalizations, with 29% of the total naturalized people in 2022, as 48,300 Syrians were granted citizenship, that is, more than double the number in 2021, which then reached 19,000, and seven times more than the number in 2020, which did not exceed 6,700 people only.

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