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UK Representative: Syria is still unsafe for refugees return

UK Special Representative for Syria, Ann Snow, said that Syria is still unsafe for the return of refugees, confirming her country’s commitment to its position regarding Syria refugees’ return to their country.

Snow’s statement came during a meeting with the head of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi Al-Bahar, and they discussed the latest events on Syrian refugees in Turkey and the latest developments in Lebanon.

Snow emphasized the need to activate the political process and reach a political solution in accordance with the UNSCR 2254 in order to provide the necessary environment that encourages the refugees to think about the voluntary, safe, and dignified return.

For his part, Al-Bahra confirmed during the meeting the role of the Turkish environment in maintaining security and protecting Syrian refugees and arrest those who confirmed to be participated in the riots and sabotage and referred them to judiciary.

Al-Bahra made it clear that the National Coalition held meetings with organizations and activists representing the affected areas and with Syrians in general aiming to inform them of the Coalition’s positions on what is happening and the results of its communication with the Turkish authorities.

Al-Bahra stated that he had established rapid communication channels with the Syrians to address their needs, reassure them, and emphasize the importance of steadfastness and not being drawn into incitement and hate speech directed against them.

Al-Bahra pointed out that the most important conditions for the return of refugees is providing a safe and stable environment by finding a political solution that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people in accordance with UNSCR 2254.

Turkish Interior Minister Ali YerliKaya was informed, last Friday, that the authorities have detained 1,065 people across the country, following the attacks on Syrians and their property in one of the neighborhoods in Kayseri province in central Turkey.

The state of Kayseri witnessed on Sunday-Monday night acts of violence targeting Syrian property, as Turkish citizens burned Syrians’ shops, smashed their cars, and threw stones at their homes, in incidents considered the most violent against Syrians in Turkey since the start of the wave of asylum there, against the backdrop of alleged harassment of a Syrian girl by another Syrian from her relatives.

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