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Charbel Wehbe: We are keen to protect the rights of Syrian refugees

Lebanese Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe confirmed yesterday, Thursday, that his country’s authorities are keen to protect the rights of Syrian refugees inside Lebanese territory.

Commenting on the burning of a camp for the displaced Syrians in the Alminya area in northern Lebanon, Wehbe said, in a statement commenting on the Lebanese youth, that “Lebanon and the Lebanese authorities, within the framework of their humanitarian and political responsibility, are concerned with protecting human rights and the displaced within the Lebanese territory, as long as they respect Lebanese laws and adhere to them.”

Wehbe declared that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the competent judicial and security authorities to take all measures and investigate the circumstances of this incident and prosecute those responsible and punish them according to the laws.”

Wehbe stressed on shedding light on the tragic conditions that Lebanon is going through, warning of the danger of a security and social chaos that threatens the displaced and refugees in Lebanon.

Wehbe condemned, “some dangerous statements calling for taking up arms for self-defense.”

Wehbe called on the international community to give the issue of the return of the displaced Syrians to their country a special importance, considering that the government of the Assad regime confirmed its desire for the return of refugees and providing assistance to them, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that the fire spread to all tents made of plastic panels and wood. He caused injuries in the camp, which houses about 75 families.

Some problems previously occurred on Saturday evening between a number of Lebanese and some Syrian workers working in the Alminya area in northern Lebanon, and as a result, a number of Lebanese youths burned tents belonging to the displaced Syrians in the town of Hanin in the Minya area.

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