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The Gulf summit stresses the importance of the political process and ending the Iranian presence in Syria

In the closing statement of the 41st Gulf Summit, which was held in Al-Ula in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council affirmed yesterday, Tuesday, their support for a political solution in Syria and the unity of the Syrian territories and that it is the Iranian presence in Syria.

In the statement, the council affirmed its “firm positions and decisions regarding the Syrian crisis, the political solution based on the principles of Geneva 1, and Security Council Resolution 2254, which provides for the formation of a transitional body for governance to manage the affairs of the country, drafting a new constitution for Syria, and preparing for elections to chart a new future for Syria that will achieve The aspirations of the brotherly Syrian people.

The Council expressed its hope in the talks of the Constitutional Committee in Syria, and that this would help the efforts exerted to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis and achieve the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, and affirmed its support for the efforts of the United Nations to achieve this.

The Council stressed its rejection of regional interference in Syria’s internal affairs and everything that affects Arab national security and threatens international peace and security. It also called for the exit of Iranian forces and “Hezbollah” militias that Iran had recruited to operate in Syria.

In a related context, the Council expressed support for the efforts of the United Nations to work to return refugees and displaced Syrians to their cities and villages under international supervision in accordance with international standards, to provide them with support in countries of asylum, and to reject any attempts to bring about demographic changes in Syria.

Source: Agencies

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