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A humanitarian organization distributes brick houses to 1753 displaced families north of Idlib

The Turkish “Religious Endowment” organization provided brick homes to more than 1,753 displaced families residing in the recently flooded mud camps in Idlib Governorate, northwestern Syria.

Due to the rains and the fluctuations of weather conditions, the camps made up of tents were flooded with mud, adding to the deterioration of living conditions and the suffering of displaced families in Idlib.

The Turkish Religion Endowment seeks to build about 5,000 brick houses for the displaced in makeshift camps on the Turkish border, and who fled the attacks of the regime and its supporters in Idlib governorate.

Ihsan Açık, the second president of the Board of Trustees of the Turkish Religion Endowment, pointed out that the residents of makeshift camps in Idlib should be transferred to brick homes as soon as possible.

“The need for houses made of bricks is increasing day by day after the makeshift camps turned into mud pools during the rainy season,” Açik said.

He added, “The food and clothes of the camp residents have become unusable, and the tents cannot be entered or resided in because they are completely submerged in the mud.”

“The Turkish endowment seeks to build more warm homes to save families who are struggling to survive in a sea of mud and deteriorating living conditions,” said Ajik.

“It is not easy to describe the size of the difficulties that children face in Idlib. The civilians here need help and support, and everyone must do their best,” he added.

Since the beginning of this January, torrential rains have hit the camps for the displaced in Idlib countryside, causing muddy pools to form and damage to tents.

Source: Agencies

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