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Israeli warplanes target sites of the Assad regime forces in Damascus countryside, with several air strikes

Several areas in the vicinity of the capital Damascus were exposed at midnight yesterday, Sunday, by Israeli missile strikes, the fifth such attack since the beginning of this year.

The “Voice of the Capital” network stated that the bombing targeted the headquarters of the “First Division” in the city of Al-Kiswah in the western countryside of Damascus and several locations south of the capital.

It explained that its preliminary information confirms the targeting of an air defense base of the Assad regime within the headquarters of the Fourth Division in the mountains surrounding the village of Al-Bajaa, west of Damascus.

The “SANA” agency of the Assad regime reported that the Israeli army fired bursts of rockets from the Golan, targeting some targets in the vicinity of the capital, Damascus, and that the Assad regime forces “dropped most of them.”
The agency added that at exactly 1:18 am today, the Israeli army carried out a burst of rockets from the Syrian Golan and the Galilee, targeting some targets in the vicinity of Damascus, without clarifying the nature of the targets and the number of the losses.

The Israeli bombing is the fifth of its kind against the sites of the Assad regime and Iranian militias in Syria since the beginning of the current year 2021, and Israel did not comment until Monday morning on this bombing.

Israel has launched intensive air strikes on sites of the Assad regime and Iranian militias since 2011, and Israel recently admitted that it had targeted 50 sites in Syria only last year.

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