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Turkish Health: 6,287 new cases of coronavirus were recorded

Yesterday, Sunday, the Turkish Ministry of Health announced that 6,287 new cases of coronavirus had been recorded, out of 104,108 examinations within 24 hours.

The ministry said in the statement, that 666 cases of disease infected with the virus (who show symptoms of infection) have been registered, bringing the total number of infections to 2 million 586 thousand and 183 cases.

The ministry pointed out that the deaths in Turkey due to Corona increased to 94 cases, to reach 27,471 cases, in addition to that the cases of recovery increased to 6.910, to reach 2 million 475 thousand and 329 cases.

The ministry indicated that the number of those who received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine reached 3 million 900 thousand and 809 people.

Source: Agencies

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