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Russian soldiers were killed in clashes with ISIS in the eastern countryside of Homs

Yesterday, Saturday, ISIS claimed that two Russian soldiers were killed and others were wounded, during the latter’s attempt to carry out an airdrop in the Al-Sukhnah desert, east of Homs.

The organization’s Amak News Agency quoted a source it described as “Military” as saying, “A Russian helicopter attempted to carry out a landing operation in the Al-Sukhnah desert, east of Homs, while a group of ISIS fighters was present there.

The source added that the ISIS fighters opened fire towards the helicopter while it was landing, causing damage to the helicopter, killing two members of those forces and wounding others, while the helicopter withdrew due to the intensity of fire and the intensified clashes.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Badia region has recently witnessed a great activity of cells affiliated related to ISIS, and that region witnesses almost daily attacks and a series of assassinations, amid sweeping campaigns of the Assad regime and Russian forces there.

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