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A government agency calls on Greece to stop returning foreign refugees to Turkey

The independent governmental body, the Board of Grievances in Greece, said that the Greek government should stop its policy of forcing asylum seekers to return to Turkey, across the “Merij” river separating the two countries.

In a report issued by the organization, on Wednesday, April 28, he indicated that there were reports that the Greek police were involved in forcing asylum seekers from foreign countries to return to Turkish territorial waters.

The report stated, “The Greek authorities have facilitated or at least encouraged, forcing refugees to return to Turkish territory, if they do not actually participate in it.”
The research on which the report is based was conducted between 2017 and 2020.
The authors of the report expressed their concern about these operations, calling on the Greek government to work to strengthen the legal procedures related to, raise the level of transparency, and respect the principles of the rule of law.

They also stressed the need to prepare a firm action plan to obstruct the repeated forcing asylum seekers to return to Turkey.
The Turkish authorities have permanently announced rescue operations for refugees who were forced by Greece to return while they were trying to reach Europe, amid accusations from Greece that Turkey had escalated against it by escorting the Turkish coast guard boats of refugees coming to the Greek border.

Source: Agencies

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