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Technical Officer of Corona Vaccine Campaign: The impact of the vaccination campaign at this stage on the medical and humanitarian sector will become clear

The vaccination campaign against the Corona virus continues on its third day, today, Monday, in Idlib Governorate, northwestern Syria, to vaccinate medical personnel working in it, civil defense volunteers and humanitarian workers, under the supervision of the Syria Vaccine Team.

Dr. Yasser Naguib, the technical official of the Covid 19 vaccine campaign, explained to Fresh that the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus will work today, Monday, with 82 teams, and the vaccination campaign will continue over a period of 21 days to cover all health facilities.

Dr. Yasser Naguib indicated that the vaccine against the Coronavirus will reduce exposure to infection and transmission of infection, but a very small percentage of people who will have the vaccine have access, and therefore the impact of this vaccination campaign on the medical and humanitarian sector will not be clear at this stage, since the campaign only targets medical personnel and cadres Civil defense and humanitarian workers, being the most vulnerable to infection due to the nature of their work.

Dr. Yasser stated that there is a demand by those targeted in the medical and humanitarian sector to receive the Corona vaccine, and confirmed that in the second stage of the vaccination campaign, when other batches of the vaccine arrive, the elderly and those with chronic diseases will be vaccinated.

On Saturday morning, May 1, 2021, the Coronavirus vaccination campaign was launched in Idlib Governorate, where the vaccination team visited the Ibn Sina Hospital for Children in Idlib, to vaccinate the medical personnel working in it.

On April 21, the first batch of the British Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine against Coronavirus arrived in northwestern Syria, through the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, and it contains 53,800 doses for the entire liberated north of Syria.

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