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Newspaper: Holding the presidential elections on time will not provide the Assad regime with legitimacy

The London-based Al-Arab newspaper considered, in a report, that the worst thing about the Syrian crisis is Bashar Al-Assad’s insistence that presidential elections be held on the 26th of this month, despite the lack of any movement in the country, pointing out that “stagnation prevails in the situation.”

The newspaper explained, “Bashar al-Assad’s problem is that he lives in another world that has nothing to do with Syria from near or far,” and that “it was possible to stand with the elections if they had contributed to a solution or settlement that would return Syria to the Syrians and bring out the occupations.”

It pointed out that “the elections, which mean the survival of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, are only another step in the way of continuing the existing stalemate and increasing the suffering of the Syrian people, as well as perpetuating the presence of occupations.”

The newspaper considered that holding the presidential elections on time “will not provide the Assad regime with legitimacy,” stressing that the survival of Bashar al-Assad in power will be “an extension of a military coup carried out by the ruling Baath Party since 1963.” It pointed out that “the elections are only another step on the road to revealing that the crisis Which country passes through is still long ”.

Today, Monday, the “Supreme Constitutional Court” of the Assad regime has accepted the nomination of all 3 applicants for the alleged presidential election play, including the head of the regime, “Bashar Al-Assad.”

The court said that those accepted are “Abdullah Sallum Abdullah, Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Mari,” and pointed to the rejection of the remaining applications for candidacy and justified that for not meeting the constitutional and legal requirements, as it puts it.

It indicated that the announcement is a preliminary acceptance and does not authorize candidates to start electoral campaigns before the court issues its final decision and decides on grievances, if any, according to the speech of the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court of the Assad regime.

Source: Agencies

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