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The political body: The Assad regime’s presidential elections scheduled for May are not legitimate

Members of the political body in the opposition National Coalition met, headed by the head of the coalition, Dr. Nasr al-Hariri, and discussed a number of international contacts that focused on the international community’s rejection of the election play that the Assad regime intends to hold.

The members of the Commission added in their periodic meeting that the only elections that can be recognized as legitimate are those within the framework of Resolution 2254 and under the supervision of the United Nations.

The attendees reviewed the briefing of the international envoy to Syria, Gere Pederson, and denounced the negative position of the international organization that it considered itself only outside the elections of the Assad regime, noting that it was the first for the international organization to authorize the Security Council to reject the Assad regime, to implement Resolution 2254, to suspend the work of the Constitutional Committee, and to hold it fully responsible. In addition, it calls on the Security Council to take adequate measures to oblige the regime to implement the resolution.

The Legal Committee of the National Coalition also confirmed during the meeting that the amnesty decrees and other laws issued by the Assad regime are issued by an illegal party, while the legal office presented the recent amnesty decree issued by the regime, and made it clear that it is not much different from the decrees issued in In recent years, the regime has not implemented anything of it, and through which it has not released any detainees, and it focuses on the criminal crimes committed by the followers of the Assad regime in their violations of the right of Syrian civilians in the areas under its control, which is an attempt to promote a safe environment in the country that allows the return of refugees and reconstruction.

The political committee listened to the presentation of the Military Liaison Office on the latest developments in the field, the bombing of civilians in Afrin, in addition to the security situation in the liberated areas.

The meeting witnessed the review of the Communities Office of its report, which included the points that it made with the heads of the Syrian communities around the world, in which it clarified the unified position of Syrians abroad in rejecting the continuation of the Assad regime, and the necessity of its departure as this is the main key to a political solution in Syria, and the first condition for starting a dignified and voluntary return of refugees.

The Syrian Tribes Council presented its report on the efforts it is making in the liberated areas in order to achieve societal security, civil peace, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

The National Dialogue Committee also presented its communication with a number of components of the Syrian people in the south and the coast, and talked about the amount of discontent and resentment of the poor living conditions that the Syrian people have reached, and their position of refusing to engage in the upcoming election play that shows the separation of the Assad regime from the painful reality that is passing through country tags.

Source: The National Coalition

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