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By agreement with the Assad Regime, Russia begins exploration for oil and gas off the coast of Syria

Foreign Policy magazine revealed in a report that a Russian company affiliated with the “Wagner” mercenary group recently concluded a deal with the Assad regime to explore for oil and gas south of the Syrian coast.

The report added that “Wagner” is one of the Russian companies that recently concluded a deal with the Assad regime to explore for oil and gas in Syria, according to emails and company records reviewed by the magazine.

The leaked emails showed an overlap in ownership structures between Capital and other Wagner subsidiaries operating in Syria, and revealed that the company’s general manager, Igor Viktorovich Khuderev, is the chief geologist at Evropolis, another Wagner subsidiary, which concluded Earlier, a deal with the Assad regime gave it 25 percent of the proceeds from oil and gas fields liberated from the control of the Islamic State.

Bashar al-Assad endorsed last March, on a gas exploration deal with the little-known Russian Capital Company, which would allow the company to explore for oil and gas in an area of ​​2,250 square kilometers off the coast of southern Syria, which threatens to provoke a conflict with neighboring Lebanon, which says that the region It includes some of its waters.

The deal came as Moscow seeks to consolidate its strategic foothold in Syria, thereby expanding its reach in the eastern Mediterranean. It also highlights how Moscow continues to use mercenaries to achieve its more complex foreign policy.

The “Wagner” company consists of Russian citizens under the effective control of the Russian Federation, and has been active for several years in combat operations in various regions, including Syria.

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