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Washington stops exempting the American oil company in Syria from sanctions

The administration of US President Joe Biden decided not to extend the exemption from US sanctions against the American oil company “Delta Crescent Energy”, which the administration of the former US president granted to the company in April 2020, which is active in northeastern Syria.

The administration granted the company a 30-day grace period in advance to terminate its activities in the area under the control of US forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.

According to the American “Al-Monitor” website, the American administration officials presented the decision to withdraw the waiver on the production and sale of oil in Syria, which is still subject to severe penalties under the “Caesar Act”, as a correction of the policy and not a shift from it. Therefore, it is unlikely that any companies will be granted Other exemptions too.

It is noteworthy that former US President Trump said in October and November 2019, “US forces will remain in northeast Syria for oil only and that they may have to fight for oil.”

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