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The death toll from Corona has risen to 65,319 deaths in Syria

Various Syrian regions recorded 134 cases of Corona, distributed by 43 cases in northern Syria, 56 in the areas controlled by the Assad regime, as well as 35 cases in the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the northeast of the country.

And the Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network announced that 43 new infections were recorded in the liberated areas in northwestern Syria.

This brings the total number of injuries in northern Syria to 22,641 and the number of recovery cases to 20,479 cases, after 3 new cases of recovery were recorded.
While the death toll reached 665 cases, and the total number of cases tested yesterday was 287, which brings the number of analyzes to 130,933 tests in northern Syria.

They pointed to the classification of one new death during the past 24 hours, one acceptable case in the hospital, the same of workers in the health sector, and 6 cases of displaced people inside the camps, without a classification of injuries in the “Peace Spring” areas.

And the Syrian Civil Defense teams previously transferred the bodies of people from centers and hospitals for the Coronavirus in northern Syria and buried them according to strict preventive measures, and also indicated that suspected cases of infection with the virus were transferred to quarantine centers.

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