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The Washington Institute “warns of Iranian expansion in Syria if a nuclear agreement is concluded

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy has published a report warning of the great Iranian expansion in the Middle East, especially in Syria, in the event that Washington concludes a nuclear agreement with Tehran without multiple parallel efforts.

The report pointed out that the possibility of reaching a new nuclear agreement and the subsequent lifting of sanctions and the release of frozen Iranian funds may provide “Hezbollah” and Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq with a large financial payment.

The stressed that the increasing Iranian expansion in Syria should be a source of concern for US policymakers in particular, given Syria’s position as a crucial card for the success of Iranian activity.

The report indicated that the increasing Iranian influence will negatively affect Syria, as Iranian militias will enjoy more authority and greater freedom to project their power.

The report called on Washington to search for new mechanisms to be added to the Israeli sanctions and strikes, in light of these expected risks, and at a time when the United States seeks to move forward to conclude a new nuclear agreement with Iran.

The report indicated that this should happen in parallel with Washington’s encouragement for its regional allies in the Gulf and Turkey to end their inter-differences by taking advantage of the recent rapprochement between them, which allows coordination and strengthening of efforts to counter Iranian influence, with a special focus on Syria, which is a “common interest” for all.

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