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The Syrian Network: The Assad regime forces are forcing the Syrians to march in support of Bashar al-Assad

The Syrian Network for Human Rights condemned, in a statement today, the Assad regime’s threat to the Syrians to participate in illegal presidential elections, and forcing them to elect Bashar Al-Assad.

The network said that with the approaching presidential elections on May 26, the pro-Assad regime media broadcast rallies in support of the re-election of Bashar al-Assad, pointing out that there is a class of citizens who benefit politically, economically and religiously from the continued authoritarian dictatorial rule in Syria.

The network confirmed, based on testimonies of a number of directors and teachers in public schools, and professors at universities in various Syrian governorates, as well as some other government institutions that were able to communicate and talk with some of their workers, that whoever was able to speak from them on the presence of verbal instructions bearing threatening messages from the forces The Assad regime, and members of the Baath Party, need to go out and show support for Bashar al-Assad.

The network indicated that these elections are only taking place within about 60% of the area of ​​Syria, that is, within the areas controlled by the Assad regime through its forces that have practiced brutal torture for ten years، and terror guarantees him a victory.

The network stated that the number of residents in the Assad regime-controlled areas ranges between 5.5 to 6 million Syrian citizens, which is less than a quarter of the Syrian people, and according to the High Commissioner for Refugees, there are 13 million displaced persons and refugees, and about 4 million are in northwestern Syria, and between 1.5 to 2 million in northeast Syria.

The network indicated that these elections are taking place in accordance with the 2012 constitution, which was separately drawn up by the Assad regime, as well as violating Security Council decisions and the course of the political process, including the Constitutional Committee.

The network pointed out that these gatherings are taking place despite the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the high number of cases announced by the Ministry of Health of the Assad regime, and all of them are taking place without taking real measures to reduce crowding of citizens and forcing them to use masks.

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