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“It will not be fair”.. Washington and Europe condemn the presidential elections of the Assad regime

The United States, Britain, France, Germany and Italy said today, Wednesday: “We deplore the decision to hold elections outside the framework described in UN Security Council Resolution 2254, after the Assad regime announced the start of the presidential elections.

This came in a joint statement of the five countries, in which they affirmed that the Assad regime’s conduct of the so-called “presidential elections” outside international decisions.

The statement added that in order for the elections to be credible, “all Syrians, including the displaced, refugees and people in exile, should participate in a neutral and safe environment,” noting that “the elections will not be free or fair.”

In their statement, the countries supported the voices of Syrians, international community organizations, and the Syrian opposition, which condemned the electoral process.

The countries also urged the international community to categorically reject the Assad regime’s attempt to restore legitimacy without putting an end to the flagrant human rights violations, and to participate meaningfully in the political process facilitated by the United Nations to end the conflict.

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime announced the opening of ballot boxes in its polling stations, despite media reports confirming the existence of security threats to those who do not participate.

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