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Al-Hol camp in Syria prepares to transport 100 families to Iraq

Al-Hol camp, in the eastern province of Hasakah, prepared to transfer 100 Iraqi families, on Tuesday, to a camp in northern Iraq, amid warnings from an Iraqi official from ISIS families from Syria.

Al-Hurra said: “Al-Hol camp, east of Hasakah, is preparing to transfer 100 Iraqi families, including 500 individuals, to a camp located in Nineveh Governorate, northern Iraq, on the outskirts of Nineveh Governorate.”

This operation is being sent in the United States, who see in the previous step a “signal of hope” for thousands of people from the camp to their homes.

The commander of the US forces, the chief commander of “Centcom”, General “Kenneth MacKenzie”, the American General, Frank MacKenzie, was on a public visit to Sharqi, Zuqraa, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces that had occupied Al-Hol camp.

Source: Agencies

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