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Washington confirms that the mission of its military forces in Syria is to fight the “Islamic State”

The United States confirmed, today, Wednesday, that the withdrawal of its military forces from Syria is left to the Commander in Chief, President Joe Biden, who decides when to withdraw, in the midst of a calm that controls the areas that include the US military forces.
This came in a press statement by a spokesman for the US “Pentagon”, John Kirby.

Kirby said: “The number of his country’s forces in Syria is less than 1000, and they are working with the Syrian Democratic Forces to continue pursuing operations against ISIS (the state).”

He added, “His country’s forces there do not interfere in the ongoing civil war in Syria (the war of the Assad regime against the Syrian people),” indicating that the reason for the presence of US military forces in Syria is only to fight and pursue ISIS.

Kirby stressed that the focus of his forces in Syria is focused on fighting ISIS, and that the mission has not changed, and if it does change, it will be by a decision from Joe Biden himself, noting that Washington will be transparent about that at that time.

In 2019, US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw 1,000 troops from Syria who were supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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