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Ruba Habboush: We are interested in shedding light on the experiences and success stories of women in Syria

Within a series of success stories of women in society, organized by the Women’s Office in the Syrian National Coalition under the supervision of the Vice President and Coordinator of the Office, Ruba Habboush, a new seminar was organized to highlight successful women working in public affairs in various fields to exchange experiences by telling their stories and what they faced.

Razzouq, vice president of the Women’s Union, a member of Youth for Change, a member of the Syrian National Authority, and a field activist, Mayada Khader Ali, a member of the Association of Displaced Palestinians in northern Syria.

In an exclusive interview with Fresh Online, Ruba Habboush said: “The success stories of women are part of the activities of the Women’s Office and we are interested in shedding light on the experiences of Syrian women, benefiting from their experiences, and getting to know their achievements and the challenges they faced.”

Habboush added, “We target all women working in all areas of civil society and help them teach politics, and shed light on these experiences,” noting that this is a very important thing, “because it knows women about each other, and society knows about them and supports them.”

The attendees presented many questions and interventions, stressing that the activists were and still are the political building block in the revolutionary process and the most important achievements and sacrifices of Syrian women must be highlighted, and the deputy head of the coalition confirmed the coalition’s support for the Women’s Office to support women to achieve their effective role in civil and political society and build a future Syria.

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