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336 new cases of Coronavirus in various regions of Syria

Various Syrian regions recorded 336 cases of Coronavirus, distributed by 200 cases in northern Syria, 63 in the areas of the Assad regime, and 73 cases in the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.

And the Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network announced that 133 new infections were recorded in the liberated areas in northwestern Syria.

Thus, the total number of infections in northern Syria reached 23,073 and the number of recovery cases reached 20,599, after 7 new recoveries were recorded, with 67 injuries recorded in the “Peace Spring” regions.

While the death toll reached 666 cases, and the total number of cases tested yesterday was 679, which brings the number of analyzes to 134,155 tests in northern Syria.

And the Ministry of Health of the Assad regime announced the registration of 63 new infections, which brings the total number to 24,315.

While 5 deaths were recorded, bringing the total number to 1,750, in addition to 8 recoveries, and thus the total number of recoveries reached 21,577 cases, according to a statement issued by the Assad regime’s Ministry of Health.

On the other hand, the “Health Authority” of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced 73 new cases of Corona virus in its areas of control, and Dr. “Joan Mustafa,” an official in the Infection Authority, said it was distributed in the regions of Hasaka, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, eastern Syria.

It should be noted that the outcome of the Corona epidemic has increased again in Syria during the current period, while the total toll across the country has reached 66,172 infections, 43,954 recoveries, and 3,145 deaths.

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