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Human Rights Watch: The Scandinavian countries should take back their citizens from the Al-Hol camp in Syria

“The governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden must quickly take back their citizens in a displacement camp in northeastern Syria,” Human Rights Watch said today, noting that “Al-Hol camp has more than 60,000 people, most of them women and children.”

The organization added: “We sent a letter to the governments of the four Scandinavian countries urging them to immediately return their citizens illegally detained in conditions that threaten their lives in northeastern Syria, after the number of citizens of those countries present in Al-Hol camp reached 164, including 114 children, most of them below
The age of six years of age ”.

“The Nordic countries have the power to end the illegal detention and appalling suffering of their citizens, most of whom are children who have fallen victim to ISIS (ISIS),” explained Human Rights Watch director of crisis and conflict assistance.

She emphasized that as these detainees enter their third year of detention, their governments’ excuses for failing to assist them appear “increasingly empty.”

And the four Scandinavian countries had taken back 25 men from their nationals, as two returned to Denmark, 8 to Finland, 8 to Denmark, and 7 to Sweden, while 22 children and 6 women returned to those countries.

According to “Human Rights Watch”, there are still 30 Danes, 22 Finns, 37 Norwegians, and 65 to 75 Swedes, including 114 children and 36 women, in Al Hol camp and Al Rouge.

Source: Agencies

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