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Qatari Foreign Minister: We have no incentive to normalize relations with the Assad regime

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, affirmed that his country does not see any motive to restore relations with the Assad regime.

He said during an interview with Al-Araby channel: “His country does not see any motive to restore relations with the Assad regime, and that Qatar’s position is clear towards the Assad regime, which has committed crimes against its people.”

He added: “There were reasons for us in Qatar, and they still exist, and we have not seen any political horizon that is acceptable to the Syrian people until now, and there is a continuation of the same approach, and as long as the reasons exist, we do not have any motive to restore relations with the Assad regime.”

He pointed out that: “There is a divergence in the visions of some Arab countries, and we in Qatar still have our considerations on this issue.”

The State of Qatar has previously confirmed that it will continue to work hard to discuss possible ways in cooperation with international partners to contribute constructively to ending the Syrian crisis, and stressed the need for confidence-building measures, including the protection of human rights, and urgently addressing the issue of detainees.

The Qatari foreign minister’s statements come at a time when the People’s Assembly of the Assad regime announced that Bashar al-Assad won the Syrian presidential elections with 95.1% of the vote, which drew the ridicule of observers, as more than half of the displaced people abroad were not allowed to vote.

The United States, Turkey and the European Union all confirmed their non-recognition of the results of the vote, describing it as a “farce” and calling for the completion of constitutional reform.

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