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New cases of coronavirus were recorded in all Syrian regions

Various Syrian regions recorded 215 cases of corona, distributed by 140 cases in the north of Syria, 45 in the areas of the Assad regime, as well as 30 cases in the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.

The Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network in the liberated north of Syria recorded 95 new infections with the Corona virus, according to what it reported on its official page.

Thus, the total number of infections in the north of Syria rose to 23,248 cases, and the number of tests reached 135 thousand and 445 tests, the number of recovery cases 20 thousand and 610 cases, and 54 new infections were recorded in the “Peace Spring” areas in the north-east of the country, bringing the number of infections to 1,230 and 191 cases of recovery and 12 deaths, after 7,540 analyzes were conducted.

Yesterday, the network indicated that no new deaths were recorded during the last 24 hours and that no acceptable cases arrived in the hospital, and thus the death toll stopped at 666 deaths in northern Syria.

The Syria Vaccine Team, as part of the “Covid_19” vaccination campaign, revealed that health staff, civil defense cadres and workers of humanitarian organizations continue to be vaccinated.

Most of the Syrian regions have returned to record a daily increase in the outcome of Corona with the announcement of the second wave of the virus, and medical warnings about the risks of an acceleration in the outbreak of the pandemic continue in the regions of northern Syria as the region becomes overcrowded.

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